Auto Enrolment

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We’re posting a series of short blogs regarding a […]

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Starbucks (Tax Planning) vs The EU

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The US coffee chain, Starbucks has been receiving some […]

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All Inclusive Contractor Accounts

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  We are pleased to announce our all inclusive con […]

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Clydesdale bank to relocate to Leeds in the event of a Yes in the Scottish Independence Referendum

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Clydesdale Bank who own Yorkshire Bank and who are part […]

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2014 Budget Summary

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Personal allowances

For people born after 6 April 1948, the personal tax allowance for 2014/15 is £10,000. This will increase to £10,500 from 6 April 2015.
For people born on 5 April 1948 or before, the personal tax allowance for 2014/15 is £10,660.
From April 2015, spouses and civil partners will be able to transfer 10% of their personal allowance to each other, which means £1,050 in 2015/16.
To be eligible to make or receive the transfer, neither party must be liable to tax at the higher or additional rate.

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What happens if I file my Annual Return late?

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So what happens if I file my annual return late?

Companies House will remind you that it is a criminal offence not to deliver the annual return on time and that the company and its directors could be prosecuted. This could mean the directors have a criminal record and also a £5,000 fine for each document not filed on time.

Companies House will not impose a penalty (unlike the late filing of accounts). Companies House will send increasingly threatening letters warning of removing the company from the register.

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HMRC Tax Return Filing Deadline – A Possible Extension

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The deadline extension applies to taxpayers who did the following between midnight on 21 January and midnight on 31 January 2014:
Enrolled for the Self Assessment online service, or
Requested a replacement user ID or password

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Submit the tax refund request

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Have you received an e-mail from HMRC entitled, “ […]

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Should I Voluntarily Register for VAT?

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  There are benefits to a voluntary VAT registrati […]

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When Should I Register For VAT?

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 As a growing small business you should consider when y […]

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